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EternalCracked Creative is a server where players can go to build and play in creative mode.  Players can purchase their own plots for building on, or add other players to their plots.  The main plugin used for this is the plotme plugin.

Earning MoneyEdit

Each player earns $300 for every ten minutes of gameplay, which can be used to purchase plots.

Donors also receive a small cash bonus when they donate.

Buying PlotsEdit

There are three sizes of plots which can be claimed by players.  The bigger the plot, the more money it costs to claim.  The three available plot sizes are:

  • 16x16 (Free)
  • 32x32 (10k)
  • 100x100 (40k)

Donor PerksEdit

Donors on creative receive ingame cash bonuses when they donate.

  • Iron Donor – Receives 10,000$ (10k)
  • Gold Donor – Receives 20,000$ (20k)
  • Diamond Donor – Receives 70,000$ (70k)
  • Platinum / Prestige Donor – Receives 100,000$ (100k)