You can donate to our server at to get some cool little perks.

Iron Gold Diamond Platinum Prestige
Price $5 $10 $15 $20 $20
Renewal N/A N/A $10 $10 $10

Here are the perks you get when donating!

Survival Perks
Iron Gold Diamond Platinum Prestige
/fly (Creative Fly)

/dynmap hide
(Hides you in
dynamic map)

Special Colored


/hat (Replaces
Head with
Selected Block)

Access to DonorShop with 50% Discount

Reserved Slot

Day/Night Control

Weather Control

Create Finite Shop


/back (Goes backto the place
where you died)

1 public


Set 3 homes



/v (Makes you invisible)

5×5 Plots of Flat Land

$800k in-game money

Creative Perks
Iron Gold Diamond Platinum Prestige
Reserved Slot

Donor Items

Set 3 homes

/hat Replaces Head with selected block)

Two 16×16 plot limit

Three 32×32 plot limit

Two 100×100 plot limit

/vanish (Makes you invisible)

Ingame Cash Bonus 10k 20k 70k 100k 100k
  • Please note that Donors still need to buy there plots just they have a bigger limit

$15 and $20 ranks can be renewed for only $10 if paid before the expiration date of the plan. All perks expire after 30 days of activation.

Additional Items:

Item Price
$100,000 In game money on Main $1
Kit Pro4 with enchanted Pick, Armor and Weapons $1
Kit ProTools with enchanted Tools $1
10 God Apples enchanted Gold Apples $1

*Donating does not make you exempt from any of our rules or other terms. Do not use your perks for evil or abuse them to hurt others, example: No Fly PvPing or abusing Mute/Kick. By donating, you are not making a purchase and we have no binding obligations to give anything in return, but we choose to provide perks & items to show our appreciation to those who support us. Note that all donations are permanent and are non-refundable.