EasyEnchant is a plugin which allows players to control enchantments on items, rather than enchantments being random and chance-based as in vanilla Minecraft.

How to UseEdit

  1. Type /ee
  2. Left-click on an enchantment table
  3. Type /ee again to see a list of commands in the chat
  4. Use these commands to enchant your items.  Note that the item you are enchanting must be held in your hand for the enchantment to work.

List of CommandsEdit

  • /ee (Provides a help list of commands in the chat)
  • /ee remove [enchantment] (Removes an enchantment from an item)
  • /ee [enchantment] [level] (Enchants an item with the specified level of the specified enchantment)
  • /ee list (Displays a list of possible enchantments for weapons, armour and tools and their maximum levels)
  • /ee cost [enchantment] (gives you the xp cost of the enchantment)
  • /ee remove (enchantment)  Removes the named enchantment

Enchantment ListEdit

Enchantment Name Basic Discription Max Level Cost Lv 1 Cost Lv 2 Cost Lv 3 Cost Lv 4
protection Reduces all damage 4 8 14 20 26
fireprotection Reduces fire damage 4 8 14 20 26
fallprotection Reduces fall damage 4 9 15 21 27
blastprotection Reduces blast damge 4 8 14 20 26
projectileprotection Reduces projectile damage 4 8 14 20 26
respiration Allows 15 seconds extra underwater per a level 3 11 19 27
wateraffinity Allows quicker mining underwater 1 12

Notes & TipsEdit

  • Make sure you spell it right.
  • There are never any spaces in enchantment names.
  • protection does not Reduces void damge or /suicide, /kill