• The Tree Spawn
  • Current Spawn


  1. Current spawn (Yes it was first)
  2. "Big Tree" Spawn
  3. "Castle" Spawn
  4. Current Spawn


  • Front of old "Arenas" Spawn
  • Back of old "Arenas" Spawn
  • Current Minigames Spawn

Mini-games didnt get its own server till Early 2013 when it was decided that the Survival games plugin should be moved out of survival and was give its own sub-server called Arenas which had just Survival games. The lobby was a dome made of quartz and gold blocks by head mod Garnachas59. The 5 arenas which were implemented were built by him as well before his inactivity which lead to his demotion.

Arenas was soon expanded to include spleef (which used to be on the survival server). It was renamed to "Minigames" and the head moderator were Omega and FieryAnubis. It and was later expanded to include One in the chamber, Kit PvP(Moved to Super-Smash),PaintBall ,Parkour, CTF and Prop Hunt (Hide & Seek). Spleef was the 2nd minigame added to this server. Originally in survival, the bugs it caused were huge. Fortunately, spleef was changed to this server where it is played. The current lobby is a glass dome, depicting 7 different biomes. Made by Gra0067 and Nhu.

Newer maps on the server are contributed by the different mods and even ordinary members of the community.


Originally, the creative server only had 16x16 and 32x32 plots available, but was since expanded and now has
  • Old Creative Spawn
  • Current Creative Spawn
100x100 plots also available for purchase by players.

On July 16th, 2015, Creative had an update that changed many things! The update included the update to 1.8! The plots were upgraded to 32x32 for default plots, 64x64, then 100x100.