Item Value
Grid Carrot
Carrot $5
Potato $5
Baked Potato $10
Grid Pumpkin
Pumpkin $20
Grid Melon
Melonslice $3
Grid Melon (block)
Melon $30
Grid Raw Porkchop
Raw Pork $15
Grid Cooked Porkchop
Cooked Pork

aka Bacon :)

Raw Beef
Raw Beef $15
Grid Steak
Cooked Beef $20
Grid Raw Fish
Raw Fish $30
Grid Cooked Fish
Cooked Fish $40
Grid Raw Rabbit
Rabbit $10
Grid Cooked Rabbit
Cooked Rabbit $15
Grid Cookie
Cookie $3
Grid Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie $35
Rabbit Stew $40
Raw Chicken $8
Cooked Chicken $14
Mutton $20
Cooked Mutton $25
Grid Cake
Cake $30
Apple $8
Bread $3
Soup $15
Grid Raw Salmon
Raw Salmon $30
Grid Cooked Salmon
Cooked Salmon $35
Sugar Cane $3
Grid Ink Sac
Ink Sack $10
Grid White Wool
Wool $1
Grid Wheat
Wheat $3
Grid Sugar
Sugar $8
Grid Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh $0.05
Grid Egg
Egg $0.50
Grid Red Mushroom
Mushrooms $5
Grid Milk
Milk & Bucket $5
Grid Golden Apple
Golden Apple $50
Grid Nether Star
Nether Star $5000

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