Welcome to the EternalCraft Wikia Edit

Eternalcraft is a cracked fun and exciting minecraft server which has been running for 3 1/2 years now thanks to its great moderators and server host. Feel free to check out the website here,or come join us on the server at

Servers Edit

Eternalcraft consists of a hub which you'll see on entering the server and then 5 sub servers which you can freely go between from any of our servers.

Towny Edit

Towny is a Survival server where you can create towns with friends in a safe and protected area.

Creative Edit

Creative is a server where players can go to build and play in creative mode. Players can purchase their own plots for building on, or add other players to their plots.

Minigames Edit

Minigames is a server where you can find all sorts of different gamemodes to play whenever you are bored of the main game and want a little bit of fun! Check out all minigames here!

Factions Edit

Factions is a Survival server where you have to create a well hidden base and raid other bases and fight to be the strongest in the server.

Prison Edit

Prison is a server with a special gamemode where you are to mine and fight to earn money to proceed to higher ranks and earn your freedom out of the prison.


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    Fibijean 14

    Hi, I am a mod on eternalcracked survival, and recently I and some of the other mods have taken an interest in this wiki.  Since you have b... 



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    New page: Contents[show] About Edit The EternalCraft Podcast is a serious of Youtube videos started by former Survival Admin Garnachos, former Survival admin...
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  • new page Factions
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    New page: Eternalcraft factions is a server where you're competing with other factions to be the best, to destroy bases, kill other players, and much more! ...
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