Prison Warps Edit

/warp A (Default rank block, with furnaces, wood mine, and ore mine.)

/warp bridge (An event in which you need to knock other players into lava)

/warp courtyard (A public area with a trampoline, various sports, and a pool, have fun!)

/warp dodgeball (An event where you are either on the red team or blue, and the objective is to kill the other team, the team that has players standing at the end wins)

/warp dropper (Event in which you fall down a giant cylinder, and try to fall into circular holes at the bottom. Prizes: Diamond is 10k, Emerald is 25k and Gold is 50k)

/warp eventcrate (Trade with villagers for event crates, different crate depending on your rank. You may get very amazing rewards!)

/warp fishing (Public fishing area, each rank has it's own shop with different prices. You may find a special surprise if you look around :) )

/warp food (Public food farm, Pigs, and Cows)

/warp jail (View the jailed players from a safe boxed-in area)

/warp mobparty (A public event in which you need to defeat wave after wave of mobs, PvP disabled)

/warp mods (List of all Prison mods, from Trial to ServerOwner)

/warp oreparty (A public event hosted once a month, OP ores, the entire mine is set to a certain ore block for 2 minutes, then it switches. Example: Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, Diamond Blocks, Emerald Blocks, etc. One oreparty typically lasts from 10-15 minutes. Time reference(s) by timezone: )

/warp parkour (A public warp, in which you can complete levels of parkour, with a reward at the end)

/warp plots (Once you reach Rank E, you may go to /warp plots and, with $100,000, you can do /plotme auto, and get a plot, and build whatever you want, so long as you follow the rules at /warp plots)

/warp PvP (Public pvp arena, be careful here, It is almost impossible to escape from whilst in combat. If you look under something, you may discover a secret :) )

/warp pvpevent (Pretty self explanatory, there may be teams, duels, or even free for all)

/warp pvpeventspec (Specation area for /warp pvpevent)

/warp rush (A series of skill tests, including a maze, parkour, swimming, and more, the first to the end wins!)

/warp servers (Teleport to the other servers without logging out and re-connecting to the hub)

/warp spawn (Same as doing /spawn)

/warp spectate (Allows players to spectate the server)

/warp speedrun (Same as /warp rush(?))

/warp Trivia (Trivia questions)

/warp tutorial (Short tutorial on how to play prison)