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Skyblock is the ultimate survival challage you will spawn on a small island and given a chest with limited items.

On our server you can join friends and get them to help build your island.

The Basic'sEdit

The very first thing you need to do to play skyblock on our sever once you in our mini-games subserver is /is this
  • Starer Island
  • Basic Cobble Generator
  • Basic Cobble Generator
will send you to your island which will look like one of the images on the right the next thing you need to do is chop down the tree and make a pix once you have done that you simply grab the lava and ice out of the chest and build a cobble stone generator if you dont know how to do it there is also a image of a basic on on your right.

if you ever want to leave your island just do /spawn we reccormend you put your stuff in a chest first tho because there is a small chance that your stuff will go missing in cyber space and we wont refund it. (Herobrine must be getting board)


Skyblock Commands
Command Command Short What it will do
/island /is Sends you to your island
/challenges /c displays a list of all the challages available to you
/challenges (challengename) /c (challengename) Displays info on a particluar challange
/challenges complete (challengename) /c complete (challengename) Completes the challage you named provivide that you have the items on you.
/island level /is level Displays your islands level
/island invite (name) /is invite (name) invite a friend to your island
/island kick (name) /is kick (name) kicks the selected player from your island
/island party /is party Shows some info on your island including who is on it
/island makeleader (name) /is makeleader (name) Transfers your leadership to the selected player
/island leave /is leave

Allows you to leave your island

  • you can not come back once you have left unless someone invites you
/island top /is top Displays the highest ranked islands
/island restart /is restart Restarts your island *There is no way back

The ChallagesEdit


  • cobblestonegenerator
    • 64 Cobble stone
  • applecollector
    • 2 apples
  • wheatfarmer
    • 64 wheat
  • cactusfarmer
  • 64 cacti
  • sugarfarmer
    • 64 sugar (not sugar cane, sugar)
  • melonfarmer
    • 128 slices of melons
  • pumpkinfarmer
    • 64 pumpkins
  • shroompicker
  • 64 Red Mushrooms
  • 64 Brown Mushrooms
  • novicebuilder


  • monsterslayer
  • expertfarmer
  • fisherman
  • lumberjack
  • cookielover
  • adeptbuilder
  • homeowner


  • netherportal
  • pearlcollector
  • slimefarmer
  • baker
  • soulreaper
  • expertbuilder
  • explorer


  • woolcollector
  • maestro
  • emeraldcollector
  • topcheff
  • skylord

The Rest Is Up To YouEdit

Experiencing SkyBlock - Minecraft Animation

Experiencing SkyBlock - Minecraft Animation

Skyblock ~The rest is up 2 U