The following is a list of mobs spawned in the Survival Mob Arenas.


List of Spawned Mobs
  • Kit Selction rea
  • The Battle Zone of Ma1

  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Creeper
  • Spider
  • Blaze
  • Charged Creeper
  • Wolf
  • Slime
  • Cave Spider (Boss)

The Boss mob has a large but unknown amount of health points, and its abilities include Shoot Arrow (damages target from a distance) and Root Target (Pins target to one spot so that they are unable to move), as well as the ordinary cave spider ability to poison players.


Waves 1-3:  Selection of ordinary hostile mobs including skeletons, spiders, zombies and creepers.

Wave 4:  "Special":  Randomly selected mobs of the same type (charged creepers, blazes, untamed wolves).

Wave 5:  "Swarm":  Large numbers of slimes of varying sizes.

Waves 6-7:  ?

Wave 8:  ?

Wave 9:  ?

Wave 10:  "Boss":  Custom designed Cave Spider with Boss abilities.


As it is currently disabled, less is known about MA2 than MA1.

List of Spawned MobsEdit

  • Magma Cube (Replaces Slime from MA1)
  • Wither Skeleton (Boss)


Wave 1:  ?

MA BossEdit

Waves: (All Boss Mobs)
  • Under the main platform
  • Spawn Area Main Platform

Wave 1:  Zombie

Wave 2:  Skeleton

Wave 3:  Iron Golem

Wave 4:  Spider

Wave 5:  Zombie Pigman

Wave 6:  Blaze

Wave 7:  Slime

Wave 8:  Chicken

Wave 9:  Bat

Wave 10:  Wither Skeleton

Wave 11:  Baby Zombie

Wave 12:  Witch

Wave 13:  Villager

Wave 14:  Cave Spider

Wave 15:  Baby Pigman

Wave 16:  Ghast

Wave 17:  Magma Cube

Wave 18:  ?

Wave 19:  ?

Wave 20:  ?

List of Bosses and AbilitiesEdit

HP of all Bosses is unconfirmed.



  • Throwing Fire Charges at target
  • Punching in melee combat as seen in ordinary zombies



  • Bow and arrow, as used by ordinary skeletons.
  • Teleporting on or near target.

Iron Golem


  • Hand-to-hand combat as seen in ordinary iron golems.
  • Throwing target high into the air and across the arena, dealing large amounts of fall damage.
  • Teleporting between targets.



  • Melee attacks used by ordinary spiders.

Zombie Pigman


  • Gold Sword, as used by ordinary Pigmen.



  • Both melee and ranged abilities seen in ordinary Blazes.



  • No melee damage, as it is a small slime and is unable to deal any.
  • Placing "Obsidian Bombs", seemingly ordinary blocks of obsidian which explode after several seconds, next to target.


  • As a passive mob by default, the chicken deals no direct damage.
  • Shooting fire charges.


  • Like the chicken, the bat deals no damage by default as it is ordinarily a passive mob.
  • Throwing target into the air to deal fall damage.

Wither Skeleton

  • Stone Sword and wither effect, as used by ordinary Wither Skeletons.

Baby Zombie

  • Hand-to-hand combat damage dealt by ordinary baby zombies.